Awards and Trophies

Steve Jarvis Award:
The Steve Jarvis Award is the most prestigious award at the Salisbury United Football Club. It is awarded to a senior player for outstanding contributions both on and off the park. The award is named in honour of the late Steve Jarvis, whos contribution to the club has helped shape it and define it to what we see today

Dave Polland Memorial Trophy:
This award has been named in honour of the late Dave Polland. It is awarded to the most outstanding junior player amongst the senior ranks. Former winners include Angelo Costanzo and Tony Gasporetto.

David Orange Memorial Trophy:
The David Orange Memorial Trophy is named in honour of the late Dave Orange who was one of the brightest up and coming keepers in South Australia. This award recognizes the most outstanding goalkeeper at Salisbury United.

Joe Johnstone Club Person of the Year Award:
This award is named in honour of Joe Johnstone. It is awarded to the Club Person who contributed significantly to the cause of the Salisbury United Football Club

Billy Irvine Belt:
The Billy Irvine belt is awarded to the most courageous and the toughest player throughout the season, who puts the team before themself on all occasions. This award was created by the ‘Chelsea Boys’ supporter group, and epitimizes Billy Irvine and the way he went about the game


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