Function Room Hire Terms & Conditions

Deposit: The $200 deposit (minimum hire fee) must be received within 7 days of the confirmed booking request, otherwise the date will not be secured.

Bond: A $200 cleaning and damages Bond will need to be paid 7 days prior to the event.  This bond will be refunded within 2 days after the event. Any cleaning or damage costs will be deducted from the bond refund.

Final Event Details: Catering, beverage arrangements, entertainment, room set up, audio visual requirements,  starting and finishing times must be confirmed 7 days prior to the function.

Payment Terms: Balance to be paid on confirmation of final function details 7 days prior. Any Beverage Tab must be confirmed and pre-paid 7 days before the event.

Event Cancellations: prior to 7 days the deposit will be returned.

Event Quotes: are based on estimated numbers given at the time of enquiry, should numbers or arrangements change from the original specifications, quotes will be revised accordingly.

G.S.T: All quoted prices are inclusive of G.S.T.

Commencement and vacating rooms: The event hirer agrees to begin and vacate the function room at the scheduled times agreed. Last Drinks will be called 30 minutes prior to the scheduled event finish time.  No alcohol will be served after this time.

Beverages: BYO beverages are not permitted where full bar service is hired. Dry functions (alcohol free) permit the hirer to bring in non-alcoholic beverages for self serve.

Food: self catering is permitted to be brought in for consumption at the function.

Compliance: The event hirer will be responsible to ensure the orderly behaviour of their guests and SUFC reserves the right to intervene where it sees fit.

Security: SUFC will not accept responsibility for the loss or damage to any equipment or merchandise left on the premises prior to, during, or after the function. If additional security is required for the function, this cost will be incurred by the client.

Damages: The event hirer will assume responsibility for all damages caused during the function by any of their guests attending the function, whether in the rooms reserved or in any part of the Club.

Liability: If the Club has a reason to believe that a function will affect the smooth running of the Club, its security or reputation, it reserves the right to cancel the function without liability.

Gifts: are the responsibility of the client and no responsibility will be taken for the damage to or loss of these gifts should it arise. All gifts should be taken off the premises at the conclusion of the function.

Decorations: Decorations are allowed, and are to be arranged with non permanent fittings. No items are to be attached in a method that will cause damage to the fixtures when removed.

SUFC Club Memorabilia: club photos and wall hangings are permanent fittings and will not be removed for functions. The event hirer must seek approval of SUFC representative to move club memorabilia.

Smoking: The function room is strictly NON SMOKING.

Terrace doors: doors on the Grandstand must be closed by 11.00 pm due to noise restrictions

Smoke Machines: If the hirer is bringing in smoke machines, this must be advised prior to the event. Smoke Machines set off the fire alarms, so these need to be deactivated prior to the event to avoid a $600 MFS Fire Brigade call out.

AV Presentations: presentations must be supplied on a USB or laptop with HDMI port. The club requests all presentations are tested on the Thursday night prior to the function to confirm compatability with the set up available. Music can be connected to the AV speakers through mobile phones, laptops, internet spotify playlists or USB.