Club history

Salisbury United was founded in October 1954. It was formed by members of the RAAF Soccer (Football) Team based at Mallala after the commanding officer had objected to civilians wearing RAAF badges on their shirts. (It had been necessary for the RAAF team to play civilians due to the abandonment of recruiting in the U.K.)

A meeting was held in the Salisbury North Primary School with the aim of forming a club in the local area as most of the now defunct RAAF team lived in Salisbury. Mr Bob Bush proposed the new club should be named The Salisbury United Soccer Football Club.
An application was made to participate in the S.A. Federation Leagues and so became the first club outside metropolitan area to be affiliated with S.A.S.F.A. starting in Div. 3.
The club was allocated eight acres of land at the bottom of Kelsey Road Salisbury North where a 29 ft x 39 ft iron shed was built to serve as a club/change rooms.
The first training session was held on the 9th of March 1955 and the first trial game on April 2nd at one against a team from the Gepps Cross Hostel called British Wanderers. Salisbury won 2-1.